Sunday, July 17, 2011

Splish Splash 197.365

 We spent time at the pool today. It was such a hot day so a nice dip in the refreshing and cool water was a treat! Mono loving on Jenny. Jen loves Mono and has a very special love for him. It's so cute to see.
 Meemsy thought it was so cool to fill up the noodle and blow it out the other side!!
 Sun bathing ladies! Mom and Irma enjoyed some time together.

Ines and Neijra opted out of a swim, but they certainly shared in on all the fun!

There were more people in the pool, but I didn't really get many pictures. Mono's Mom and Dad and aunt were there, as well as Nahida and my family who we were visiting. What a fun little swim we had! There is nothing like taking a dip in a cool, blue pool on a hot summer's day!

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