Wednesday, July 13, 2011

You Know You are Busy When...

...You have 778 unread emails… and yes, that is the amount I actually have.
A letter from your best friend has been sitting, waiting to be read for 2 days...unopened.
Your blog is pictures, no stories. They are there, just not updated.
You are behind on reading your regular list of daily blogs…all of them…even your favorite.
You haven't picked up the phone to call your best friend…either of them.
You haven't had more than 10 minutes with your very soon-to-be husband in the past 2 months.
You haven't checked your best friends baby registry.
You haven't altered the dress that has to be altered in less than ten days.
I have been so busy, mostly enjoyable things, but I am looking forward to the time (like now) when I can just breathe, read some e-mails, catch up on blogs, including my own and just relax with those I love.
I'll post some fun pictures soon.

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