Thursday, May 26, 2011

Thoughts From His Cozy Office 145.365

Mono works in a really cozy office... at least I think so. It's calm and quiet and his three co-workers are really, really nice. (It's a fun office too!)
My Mom and I had been running errands earlier today and now she has to head home. She left me at Mono's work because he and I had marriage prep later that evening. There would be no sense in me driving and hour home to drive an hour back down later on. I had brought my computer and some books to pass the few hours while I waited for him in a sitting room. Instead he invited me to his office. :) I know everyone in there and they know me so all is good. Everyone is keeping up with their  work and I am here, sitting in the corner at Mono's desk, quietly typing away, going about my own business. I am having such a good time. It's kinda relaxing in here. I am sure it is not like this all the time, but I like being in the corner in my own little space, doing my thing. :) 

While I pass some time, I have a few random thoughts to write... all just going into this one post.

I have been just about dying to go to the beach. I have a real longing for my element. Within the past week, I've had friends go to all different beach locations and I am just watching each and every post go by on Facebook, sitting here 4 hours away from any real nice body of water! The best post was from someone that was surprised by a quicky trip! Her hubby surprised her! Now that is my kind of surprise! Even if it was just for a day (though hers was a lot longer than just one day!). Some people are really for or against surprises. I've never really cared either way. I don't know if I like HUGE surprises like not knowing any thing at all and being scared out of your mind by people screaming SURPRISE in your face, but I do like a bit of mystery. ;) And an unexpected trip to the beach would be just the right surprise for anyone who wants to take me! ;) Just kidding. 
While on the topic of little trips, I'd love to spend a weekend in each of the following places/vacinities:

Savannah, GA
Charleston, SC
Sanibel Island, FL
Cape May, NJ
Outer Banks, NC

Maybe one day.

Do you have any fun beach or weekend trips planned for you? Where would you like to be taken as a surprise? What's your favorite place to go for a mini weekend vacation?

I didn't know Carrie and Tim were going to be on American Idol last night, or I would have watched it. I did check out their performances out on YouTube though. :) I wonder what goes through Carrie's mind when she is up there now, remembering that that is the stage she started on. A few years back, she was that young girl singing.

What should I do for Memorial Day Weekend? I don't think I should bake any more cupakes. I've had too many this week. I would like to use every excuse in the book to make a new batch, but I really should be cutting back on the cupcake intake for the next couple months. Every year since Mono and I have been dating, we have gone somewhere with our families for Memorial Day weekend. In fact, the first Memorial Day weekend we were dating, he and I went back up to his hometown so I could meet all his family! I had such a great time! That is when our Memorial Day fun began! This year, there will be no big trips. Not back up to Maryland to visit either of our families, not down to Destin or Key Biscayne. We'll both be here in town. What should we do? Day trip somewhere? Just hang at home? Any fun suggestions? Whatever we do, this weekend is going to involve some laying out in the sun! I need a good dose of sun right about now. Maybe I'll put some fake wave sounds from my iPod noise maker on so I feel like I am actually at the beach. ;) 

Starting in October lots of random, new little changes will be made...
new signature- this will be fun to create
new address- already memorized it (in fact, that was done even before it was officially ours - my heart was set- love at first sight)
new credit card number - well that may be best… i won't have it memorized. ;)

I think I'll get going now... on to a few other things before it is time to head out at 5.

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