Monday, May 30, 2011

Crossing the Mountain 149.365

95 degrees and sunny. The last out of three days off from work. A beautiful day... When you add all of that together, it made for the perfect day to cross over the "mountain" as Mono and I like to say... We headed to the area (crossing over the mountain) where our new home is to visit two outdoor shopping areas. In between the strolls around the two shopping areas, we made a stop at a little place we discovered when Mami was visiting... Yogurt Mountain. Normally, I don't like to waste my calories on yogurt, but as calorie free right? haha - Yeah right! It was worth every.single.calorie though! It was just too much fun to pass up! When Mami was here we never ate there, so I knew I wanted to go back again to eat this time. And that we did!

There is an entire wall with over a dozen, maybe even two, yogurt flavors. You grab a cup and fill 'er up! Then, you walk over to the opposite wall that is just as long, but with toppings. There are more topping choices than there are yogurt flavors. I was in my glory!

I chose half peanut butter, half cookies and cream (there were no cookies in it, just the flavoring). Then I piled on Fruity Pebbles, Pretzels, chocolate covered caramel truffles, crushed Oreos, crushed Butter Finger, pretzels, Rice Krispy Treats, crunched up Reese's Pieces... I think that's it. Mono got vanilla, Rocky Road and peanut butter yogurt. He got Rice Krispy Treats, Fruity Pebbles, Graham Cracker crust, Butter Finger, Heath, Reese's Pieces, Oreos, colored sprinkles marshmallow sauce and hot fudge... Do you think we chose enough toppings?!

I wanted to take more pictures, but there were a lot of people so it make it awkward. Plus I knew I'd be back and I didn't want to take up all my angles in one sitting. ;) Good excuse for me to have to go back. Right? hehe-  

And no, our whole life doesn't revolve around food. I just like to take pictures of it!
Here's our dinner... Light and healthy!

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