Sunday, December 12, 2010

Snow And Hot Wings

Today was a monumental day for us here in the South. Not really monumental but, you catch my drift. ;) It started with this morning, around 7:15 when the J woke me up to go out for his morning potty run. I had my alarm set for about 8:30 so I could sleep in a little extra before getting up to get ready for Church. He woke me up and I wasn't too pleased…until I looked out the window and saw SNOW!! Yes my friends, snow!  I grew up in the north, where you really got snow, so to see my excitement for faint flurries is quite funny. 

When we first moved here, I laughed at people when they got all excited over flurries, if they could even be called that. Flurries up north is like a full fledged snow storm down here. I've lived here for 5 years now so I am at a point that I have only seen (real) snow a handful of times since I moved and I too get excited at the sight of mere flurries! The sky right now looks so snowy and cold. The flurries have tapered off, but it just looks like a snowy, wintery sky now! The Christmas tree is lit, I am sitting cuddled up on the couch with my heated blanket and loving this winter day!

Hot Wings... Also known as insanity. At least that is what I say. ;) There is a local restaurant that my family goes to frequently and they have a hot wings challenge. You are given 10 super spicy wings and a cup of water (or two if you run out!)!! I wouldn't even touch one if you paid me, but Mono, he went for the whole thing. And he did it!! I felt so bad for him as his eyes teared and skin around his lips turned pink, but I was so proud of my guy! He did it. They came over with lemons and orange juice to help the burn and they took his picture for The Wall and when the t-shirts come in, he will be getting a t-shirt that says he did the challenge. I took one whiff of those babies and my nose hurt. I cannot imagine what his mouth was going through. Holy cow. That is just NUTS. All for a picture and a t-shirt. haha- But I am so proud of him. It was fun to watch and the owners always come and talk to us since they know us and they were enjoying watching him eat the wings. 

So we had intense cold and intense heat all in one day. Well Mono did... I just watched.

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