Monday, August 1, 2011

Lights, Camera, Action! 212.365

Our morning started early this morning. Mono and I were up and out on our way by 7:15. I had an appointment at 8:30, but with traffic, the approximately 10 mile drive, would take about an hour - if we were lucky. 

So off we went, sitting through bumper-to-bumper traffic (something us Northerners turned kinda Alabamians aren't so used to anymore). We actually made it to my appointment 5 minutes early!

When we were done, Mono and I headed on our way to D.C/Georgetown to meet with Megan for our engagement pictures. Today marks 2 months (yes only two months!!) until our wedding, but we still wanted to have this e-session.... and I am sooooo glad we did. Megan was amazing. She is crazy talented, and made us feel like the three of us have been the best of friends for years. 

It was super hot and we had done both sets of shooting, fancy and casual... but I had one more shoot up my sleeve. We needed an energy booster and all three of us love cupcakes so much and we were too close to pass it up, so in we went!
 For some reason, I look HUGE in this picture. Look at my head compared to hers! haha-

After all the pictures were taken and goodbyes were said, Mono and I met up with his Mom for a bite to eat. I must admit, I am not very adventurous when it comes to food. Mono is the complete opposite and so is his Mom. They decided on Lebanese cuisine for lunch.... ummmmm.... okay, I guess? ....
Turns out, I loved my meal. Don't ask me what it was called... That I can't remember, but it was so, so good! I guess this should teach me to branch out a bit more and be more adventurous.

Mono's Dad was on his way, but unfortunately didn't get there in time for lunch. When he did arrive, we hung out a little and then met up with Mono's aunt and uncle for dinner. That was quite yummy too! I had a safe meal - a burger - but it was super tasty. I really enjoy time with all of Mono's family so spending a nice evening, taking a stroll to a local restaurant and sharing conversation over dinner was very enjoyable. 

Once dinner was over, before Mono's Dad had to head home (he couldn't stay over with Mono's Mom because he had work the next day), Mono and I took a ride through town in his Dad's new car!
 My cutie!
 Top down, music turned up loud!
 Hair blowing in the wind...taking this eveing all in.
Today was a wonderful day - from start to finish!
Here's a sneak peek from Megan's website of our engagement session.
Thank you again Megan, for your talent and kindness to the both of us. I look forward to seeing the rest of our pictures and to seeing you again on October 1st!!

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  1. Ya'll are so adorable, and I absolutely loved hanging out with you guys. Seriously, you guys are amazing. And you look freakin fantastic compared to my just-came-out-of-the-shower-soaking-wet,but-really-just-shot-in-100-degree-weather-soaking- sweaty look. Love you guys, can't wait to post the rest! xoxo