Thursday, August 4, 2011

When The Day Comes Crashing Down! 215.365

Have you ever had a really good day and in the blink of an eye, it feels as if the entire day turned bad? 
Well, today was a great day. I spent the day at our new house, working inside, getting things in order. 
I bought this shelving unit (that had to be put together) and needed to put it together.
Remember, the day is good, no stress, all happy...
First of all, I am pretty good at building things and putting them together.
So... being that I'm stress-free and know what I am doing, I thought this would be no biggie.
I opened the box, took all the pieces out along with the directions paper with mumbo jumbo on it, and got to work.
The directions were on the pathetic side (but that is to be expected), but I put the entire shelving unit together.
They had me build it upside down.
I stood it up and now needed to turn it right side up.
Big mistake.
I went to turn this to it's proper position when it tilted the wrong way and just split and collapsed the entire thing.
That's what happens when you buy a cheap shelving unit and don't think ahead about how to turn it right side up.
I was pretty upset. I spent a good while setting it up and was really looking forward to having this all together with everyone on it for when Mono met me at the house later in the day. He came in and I explained what happened and he said not to worry and we'd build a new one when we come back to the house (Saturday). I felt a bit better, but I was still really bummed. I thought my whole day crashed along with the shelves, but once I cooled down, I realized that it's just shelves and off Mono and I went to a nice dinner!

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