Tuesday, August 9, 2011

They're Up! The Pictures are on the Blog!

I mentioned a few days ago that we had our engagement pictures taken.
They weren't expected to be up for approximately three weeks.
I was driving home from Church today and I got a text from Mono, "the pics are up!"
I had no idea what pics he could be talking about.
He then said "Megan's."

As soon as I got home, I raced into the house to see the pictures!
Of course our internet was too slow so a piece loaded here and there, but I let it load and after a while, I came back to check! I was so happy! Apparently the rest of the images are in the mail. I have no idea how many images she took, but there has to be close to a thousand! :) I don't think we get them all, but we'll see a bunch of the good ones. :) I am super-de-duper excited for that package to arrive with my name on it!

Thank you Megan, for capturing such a special time in our lives, but mostly for capturing my handsome guy! I don't think he came out bad in a single one! I could look at his face forever. Perfect timing for his time away coming up! These pictures will have to hold me over. 

If you have a chance, please go to her blog and take a look at our pictures and post a comment. The more comments we get, the better chances of getting a really nice print... or even a cool stretched canvas! Come on 75 comments! Plus, I want her to get a lot of traffic. Her work is ah-maz-ing! Definitely take time to look at her work! Very talented lady!

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