Saturday, August 20, 2011

A Dear Friend Once Said....

A dear friend once said, "God only allows bad things to happen for something even better to come out of it… Just remember to thank God in the midst of a cross, and when you thank Him, He will make it clear to you as to why it is happening."

I needed to be reminded of that these past few days. She is always one to help in areas like that! Thank you!

I am so blessed to know this wonderful lady and her equally wonderful family. I met them when they had five little ones and moved away when they had 7, maybe. Their growing family now has 10 amazing children. I must be honest, I know many incredible families, but this one in particular has blessed me and inspired me more than they probably will ever know. Moving away from them was one of the hardest goodbyes, and to this day, seven years later, I still find myself having terribly sad moments missing their dear faces. When we go back to visit, it is as though we never left. And I treasure that.

They have seemingly endless hearts of generosity (I truly think there is no bottom), and have been with me, willing to help with anything I need, preparing for our big day on October 1st. I know even though there is great distance (in miles) between us, the prayers for each other never stop. The prayers of those little ones (all 10 of them) are powerful…so are those of their parents! ;)

I received an e-mail from her a few days ago after she had received the invitation to our wedding and she again said, "if you need anything at all from bobby-pins to trips across town, we are at your service." I thank you. Thank you all. Your whole family is one of endless service to others, to each other and to Christ. I pray with all my heart, that when I am married and have children of my own, our family can be as great of a gift to another family like you have been to mine.

I love you all. (I think you know exactly who you are if you are reading this. ;) hehe)

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