Thursday, August 25, 2011

From K to F in 37 Days! 236.365

There are a lot of changes heading my way. 
That's expected when you get married and move away.
                                A big and noticeable one will be the changing of my last name.
It'll be a fun one, but will take a lot of work.
I want to do it with as much ease and style as possible. 
As for the style part... I'm only going to be able to enjoy having this purse with my initials for a few more weeks.
And then, goodbye M(A)K!
Hello MAF!
Though we won't be saying goodbye to this MK.
She will be staying with me. :)
I have also made a small purchase. 
I bought myself a self-inking return address stamp!
I've wanted one for a long time, years really, but never got one.
I write a lot of notes, will have a ton of thank you cards going out after our wedding, will always have bills to pay, etc... so this will be fun and time-saving!
But for now, as excited as I am for the days of being Mrs. Mono, I'm going to enjoy the remaining MAK days!

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