Friday, August 19, 2011

Pick Me! 230.365

Pick Meeeeeee!
That is what I hear when I see a wall of gorgeous colors in front of me! Sometimes I wish I could have a house built with 1,000 rooms just so I could choose some of these fab colors! 

I have spent time picturing in my mind the look I am aiming for in our new home. I want it to house some of our favorite colors, whether that be in fabric, splashes of accent color or on the walls.

For the most part we have neutrals, blues/aquas and grays. There are splashes of other colors planned so it won't be dull or drab at all! I can't wait for the final product. Curtains will take a while, as I have to look for fabric (in my budget) and then get to work making them. 
Painting takes quite the time in a day so it is not easy to get much else done. This is how the kitchen started - didn't want to show color yet until it was done. Thankfully I found the perfect gray!
 My mind didn't quite know where to settle with the dining room. I had about three amazing ideas (or at least I thought so!) for this room, and this is what I settled on. It is definitely brighter than I ever thought I'd choose (when the sun shines in, it's brighter), but I am really enjoying it so far!

I'll share a few more pictures once things are more in place! But I thought a few sneak peeks would be okay. ;)

P.S. Becky, I didn't copy with your post but it looks like we think alike! Your new home must be gorgeous! :)

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