Thursday, August 18, 2011

A Shelf or Two! 229.365

Today I started another one of my secret While Mono is Away Projects. :)

Shelving for the kitchen.

I love looking at open shelving on Pinterest and knew I wanted to add that touch to our kitchen. I knew that even before Pinterest came along though. ;) 

They're not quite finished yet. A fresh coat of white paint needs to make its way onto these two boards, but that should get done quite soon! 

I know I am going to love having these up in our kitchen and I am hoping Mono enjoys them just as much! I will try to post a picture of the final product real soon!
P.S. The curtains in the picture above are the result of this post. They aren't fully done in this picture though. A little hand tacking here and there and some decorative trim had to go on, but I was trying to get the look! And those wooden blinds are temporary... from the old owner... staying up until we can buy something new!

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