Sunday, August 14, 2011

For The Birds

This whole Mono being 7 hours ahead of me, an ocean away, just measly seconds worth of a phone call... it's all for the birds! I heard from him early this morning. They made it over there safely... without their luggage (poor Purple Monster is lost somewhere!). It was wonderful to hear his voice, but to only get to speak with him for a minute or less is terribly hard. I miss him quite badly and just knowing how far away he is and that I can't just pick up my phone to say hello or good night before bed is really hard for me. Earlier this morning he was having a harder time adjusting, a lack of sleep and food, lost luggage etc, but now he is really enjoying himself. He's out on the town, eating, enjoying being in a country he loves with people he works with. Today is only day two of this. Eight more to go. I'm hoping I can make it. I carry the house phone with me wherever I go. It has become like a shadow on a sunny day. Never leaves my side. Neither does my cell phone. I know he can't call me on it, but you just never know. I don't want to miss any chance of talking to him. Plus, his Mom and I are always in touch on the phone updating each other what we've heard. I think she and I are so happy he is enjoying himself, but will be much happier when he is back home, here in the States. I couldn't sleep last night because I always wanted to check if he had landed yet and I wasn't sure if there was a way he'd try to contact us early in the morning. I pretty much knew he wouldn't until later in the morning when things were more settled, but I still had that anxious feeling of is the phone going to ring? Tomorrow I won't be home at all during the day so I probably won't get any phone calls from him, but I am hoping that some way, some how he can get wi-fi and we can talk via Skype. He was able to Skype with his Mom today, but as soon as I was able to get on, he wasn't there anymore. Did I say I miss him? Because if not, I really, really do. I will be one very happy girl one week from today. I will know in my mind that he will be coming home the very next day. Well, you'll probably hear more about Mono being gone over the next 8 days, so I won't bore you with my tears all at once. I'll try to post a more upbeat blog later!

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