Sunday, August 7, 2011

When Stress Comes Knocking at the Door

It seems as though there are a thousand thoughts swirling through my mind right now. This happens frequently, but not quite like they are right now. Since the end of May of this year we have either had people (at times up to 20 people) staying with us at our home or we have been traveling. We arrived home from our last trip last Tuesday. Every single day except for yesterday (Sunday), was spent down at our new home and running errands that were house or wedding related. Yesterday was filled with Sunday Mass and more wedding related projects. Between today and tomorrow I have a boat load of things to get done. They MUST get done! At times it is stressful planning a wedding, especially from so far away, but thank goodness all is going well. We're being kept on our toes, but thank God for my Mom. She is happy to make phone calls and talk with people to help finalize plans. She's been real helpful with the projects as well too. Sometimes we like to do things differently, at different paces, and that can be a tad aggravating, but all in all, it's a big help to be able to work together. I have many projects still needing to be done and I had hoped to be finished with everything by the last day of this month. I know that won't be the case, but I'd like to aim for as close to that goal as possible. I also want to have our house painted (at least the three main rooms) so when our furniture is moved in, we can place it and keep it where it all belongs. Along with the many thoughts filling my mind about the wedding, I'm also pondering the changes that will occur over the next month-month and a half.

Once all of the hoopla ends and October 1st arrives, our wedding day will be cherished and then will have passed and our new life together will begin. I am looking forward to days, married to Mono, living in our new home. Along with that comes some slight fears or apprehensions, but nothing out of the norm. I think I've mentioned before, I have never lived away from home for more than about a 3 week period so this will be a major adjustment. It will be a good and needed adjustment, but it will still be one. Life will be different. My days will be different. Schedules will be new.

I hope to see my new day go something like this: coffee/breakfast together, errands or housework, noon Mass and lunch with Mono, more errands and housework, prepare and eat dinner and then enjoy the evenings together.

Where we will be living is close to Mono's work so we will be able to enjoy a lot of quality time together and I am greatly looking forward to that. Of course there will certainly be days that we won't see each other until he gets home at night, but our overall lifestyle will be very welcoming to time together and with any future family we are blessed with.

I have so much wonderful anticipation for this new time in my life. I am really looking forward to having friends and family over and welcoming them into our home. I already dream of visits with family for a stay at our home. :)

Do you have any special little welcoming traditions when friends and family come to stay? Do you make certain meals, prepare their rooms in certain ways…?

So, along with ALL these thoughts, I have my day-to-day duties that must get done. Like I mentioned earlier, I have been away from the house all but one day since we have been home. I have yet to unpack my luggage, which is irking me to no end. I am not the tidiest person there is, but ever since I have had my own house (even though I am not living in it yet), I am a neat freak… in that house. Not to the same extent here, but definitely more than before we had a place of our own. When I am there, everything has to be just so and kept tidy. If it's not, I get agita. The link to the definition is for all you non-New Yorkers that may not know what the heck I am saying... Yeah, you know who you are!

Between today and tomorrow, my list is quite full. I have paint to pick out, bank and post office runs, laundry, unpacking, stores to pop into, e-mails and letters to respond to… and the list goes on.
I don't expect any little adventures for picture taking, or much blogging, but I will try to stay on top of things and blog when I can.


  1. As I always say.....Remember to BREATHE!! :-)

    It will all get done, in due time! That's why I'm planning now, for what's to come (in 2014)!! I'm almost seriously considering purchasing things for then, that I LOVE now! HAHA I know, I'm crazy!

    I love hearing all of your stories! I wish I could just sit and write about my little thoughts. I feel like no one would read them tho...well besides you!

    Love you dear friend!

  2. Oh yeah...and can you please remind me, when it's my turn, to breathe! I have a feeling I won't be as graceful!

  3. I am trying to remember to BREATHE!;) Thanks for reminding me. I just hope that things aren't still going this crazy up to the last minute. I really want to enjoy some quiet time a couple weeks before the big day so I enjoy it that much more. I'm glad you like my stories... I'd DEFINITELY read your blog if you had one!! I would actually love to take a peek into your life! And yes, I will definitely remind you to breathe and everything else when your big day arrives!