Saturday, August 13, 2011

"Mon Hugs" 224.365

Like I have said in a few previous posts, I don't do well with good byes, especially today's. I cry, I hug, I cry some more. I am doing my best to talk about his trip, be all excited and all (because I really am), but the tears still come. I felt quite bad that I cried so much when he is getting to go on an amazingly fun trip, but since he's the great guy that he is, he understood and even appreciated how much I will miss him. 
I pray his trip is successful (the work side of it) and filled with fun and adventures (the leisure part). I told him that I won't wish his trip away for him, but I will hope on my end, the days go by fast. I have a lot of plans while he is gone; getting our house in order. Hopefully that will keep me busy (I know it will) and help pass the time. 
It was so hard to say good bye, and I hugged him real tight. I even ran back after saying good bye, just for one more Mon hug. Let me tell you, Mon hugs are the greatest in the world. There is nothing like it and that is one of the biggest parts of him being away that I will miss. All could be sour, and that Mon hug, well it's all sweet. :)
Do you know the type of hug I am talking about? Do you have a special name for it? :)  
Mono, I will miss you while you are away, but you are going to have a fantastic time. I can't wait to hear all about it, and I can't wait for you to come home and see the little touches I've done to our house.
Funny story, but poor guy. A few years back, Mono and his good friend took a trip to Europe together. His luggage got lost and ended up a few countries away. Not fun for him. 
So this time, he asked what luggage he could borrow (a larger one than he had) and I thought I had the perfect one that wouldn't get lost. It'd stand out. I brought it to his place last night for him to pack and I told him, "It's okay Mono; it's plum, not purple." Well he wasn't too sure of traveling with a purple or plum, luggage, but I assured him it'd be fine and it'd be less likely to get lost. 
Well, I dropped him off at the airport, and sure enough, he was right… it is purple. 
Purple, through and through. 
I told him that he will always think of me this way. 
He wore my favorite color shirt, and is carrying my second favorite color luggage. :)

P.S. Mon is pronounced like "moan" And, the purple luggage was dubbed THE PURPLE MONSTER.

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