Thursday, August 11, 2011

Like Father, Like Daughter... And Son-in-Law too! 222.365

 Dad took Mono and I to the range today... the shooting range!
Growing up, I enjoyed all the fun that went along with Dad's job, but I was too long to go along with him to the shooting range. Today was my very first time going, and my first time ever shooting a gun. You think as a cop's daughter I may have done that before turning 25. Nope! Today was my first time!
 Dad and I picked Mono up after work and headed over. I was pretty excited until we pulled up and I heard all the gun shots. haha. You would have thought I'd have prepared myself for that... psyched myself up for it even. Nope. And when I went in, it was even louder... naturally. Flinch, flinch, flinch. haha- That was me.
 Eventually I got used to the noise just like the guys. I was the only girl in there and that felt kinda cool. I didn't fit in though. I had on my sparkly beaded shirt, black patent leather flip flops, jewelry... you catch my drift. So me, dressed pretty nice (at least for a gun range) and being the only girl, it was a fun sight.
 Upon signing in, we had to fill out sheets. It had asked what level of experience we were. Obviously Mono and I put Novice, but Dad, he put a few notches higher. I told him he should check expert because well, he is. He told me he hadn't shot in 11 years - since he retired so he would check one under. I said okay and we went in. Well, Dad's first shot was just off the "x" in the very center, like a hair off. His second shot... right on. Come on Dad, you are still an expert!
It came time for Mono and I to take our shots (my first shot) and I was pretty surprised how well I handled the gun. To be honest, I was a little scared. Dad wanted me to lose that fear, and I certainly did. Mono shot really well. I was so proud of him, and so was my Dad. And I did well myself. I was quite proud of myself too! I guess the good shooting is in the genes... like my Dad. It was funny because Mono and my first shots were literally, right next to each other. They couldn't have been shot any closer. Dad said that even the bullet holes were kissing. Or something like that. Meaning even we shoot together. :) Dad was in his glory, being back at the range, teaching the two of us and watching how well we did. 
 Our targets! :)
These were shot at 7 yards. Next time we'll go further! 
Thanks for such a fun day, Dad!!!
And next time, I'll wear a better shirt so I don't get burns on my chest from the shells like today!! haha

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