Friday, August 19, 2011

AuGUSt : my favorite month. Any guesses why? ;)

It's actually not really my favorite month… maybe my favorite to say. AuGUSt… there is just something about it. ;) Actually, this month I do get to celebrate my Monito! His Santo (feast day) is at the end of the month and this year, I think I have a pretty decent gift for him. It's ready and waiting to be opened… well kinda. There's still a few more days until he can open it. But I am really excited to give it to him! Guess what!? Only THREE more days to get through until I can see my Mon again! He arrives home from his trip on Monday! So I have a very full Saturday, Sunday and Monday to get through and Monday around dinner time I will be smiling all the way to the airport. It will be super late to him, so I am sure he will be more sleepy than not. I kinda imagine picking up a really tired boy, letting him sleep in the car and dropping him off at his place to go to bed (super early) is what will happen. But I hope to sneak in a hug somewhere in there. Or maybe two! ;) And then hopefully within a few days he'll be back to U.S. time and I'll have my Mon fully back! :) I can't wait! See, AuGUSt is a great month! It brings a lot of times to celebrate my Mono! His arrival, his Santo… Yippppeeee! And while I am talking about celebrating my favorite guy, his birthday is just a four short months from today!! Annnnnnddddd... that means Christmas is right around the corner too! This will be our first real Christmas together... EVER! I cannot wait! Absolutely positively cannot wait! I already have some fun gift ideas in mind and plans for the perfect Christmas Day! That is of course if we are at home. We still don't know where Christmas will be this year. But lots to be excited about! And the excitement begins in only 3 days!!

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