Monday, August 8, 2011

Good Byes and I Do Not Mix

This coming Saturday will bring a temporary change to life. Mono is headed away on a trip for work… overseas.

That means ten days with not much contact, major time differences and an entire ocean between us. Ever since Mono and I have started dating, neither of us have traveled much apart from going places with our families together. We've never been more than an hour time difference away and we certainly have not had an entire ocean in between us. We do not live together, but we live close enough to see each other every day, and I like that. Nothing beats getting to see my guy every single day! 
I am NOT good with goodbyes and I know for sure, that it will be no different this time around. In fact, I am sure it will be a bit harder knowing I won't be able to call him whenever I want or just send a little text to share something about my day. I found out about this trip a while back, and have tried to put it off in my mind until now. I don't want to put a damper on his trip because after all, he is getting to travel to another country! And in all honesty, I am a tad bit jealous that he is getting to go on this incredible trip. I would seriously love to hop in his luggage and travel with him. He is going to be really busy working, but even with that, he will be able to enjoy this country that he loves.
Saturday is soon creeping upon us and my mind is slowing down a bit. This happens when I think about saying goodbye. When family is visiting, or I am visiting them, at least a day or two prior to the goodbye, I start to get sad and think of life without them. If it were up to me, we'd all be together, all the time! With Mono's upcoming trip, along with being excited for him, the sadness is still visible. I'm looking forward to his arrival back home to see pictures, to hear about his time there, and just have him back nearby and have life be back to normal. 
I like normal. 
I like my comfort zone and only stepping out of that a step or two here or there.
I had thought about taking a quick trip myself while he was gone to visit my best friend in Chicago or to spend a few days with Mono's family up north, but unfortunately, both ideas had to be nixed. I'll be here at home, preparing our house and crossing things off my mile long to-do list. No complaints though. Really and truly. I'm looking forward to that time.
So, Mono, while I will miss you terribly, I hope you have the absolute best time on your trip! Don't forget about me and definitely don't forget to send me a post card! ;)

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