Sunday, February 6, 2011

Hope Chest Findings (36)

My Mom and I went through all of my boxes that are labeled hope chest so I could see what I already have and what I still need. I was so excited to see my Grandma's blue drinking glasses!! I have not seen them in years and they bring back so many wonderful memories of her. These were her every day drinking glasses and now they will be in a new home in one of our cabinets when Mono and I get married! Thank you Grandma! I love you and miss you soooo much. I wish you were here to see me walk down the aisle and meet my Mon. You'd love him, and I know he'd really like you. I know you'll be watching over us on October 1st, with a warm smile on your face.
 Many refreshing sips of water and freshly brewed southern sweet tea will find a home in these pretty glasses!
 I just love all the little details in these glasses. I smile just thinking about them.
 I think more than any drinks these will be filled with, is the memories I have of my Grandma and the years growing up having ice cold summer drinks in them with her.
 My Mom also gave me a little gift to add to my hope chest....
 I love these little dishes and she happily offered them to me for our new home. Thank you, Mom!
 They are just so dainty! :)

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