Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Imperfection Or Uniqueness? (38)

Imperfection or Uniqueness?

I guess it depends on how you look at it. Unfortunately, with my personality, when it comes to how I look at myself (it is different when I am looking at others), I see my "imperfections" as such.  I should take my way of thinking towards others and apply it to how I think of myself as well, uniqueness not imperfection. This is not to say make an excuse for areas that truly do need attention and tending to, but in the areas that are just you, nothing "wrong," just seemingly imperfect or abnormal (What really is normal by the way?) aspects of yourself... like my curved finger.

I really don't like my curved finger. I have no idea it is the way it is and I've never seen someone else with a finger like that, so I automatically think it's weird or an imperfection. But I could also look at it as it being unique, in a good way... You can really change the way you see things if you think on the positive side!

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