Friday, February 18, 2011

Monet And Martha


When you hear those two names, what comes to your mind?
I'm guessing there is a good chance that you are thinking Monet, the painter and Martha, as in Martha Stewart.
But when I think of Monet and Martha, these two little friends come to mind.

(source from a google search)

In our yard we have a little rabbit that has made it his home. He's lived here for years and he became a little friend. Once I noticed that he wasn't just a visitor, and he was appearing night after night after night, I named him Monet. It just fit him. And not long after he moved in, another little rabbit started appearing... sweet little Martha (yes, I guess is was kind of after Martha Stewart). Now, from what I can tell, Martha does not reside in our yard, but down the street in a little field. As I was driving out of our street the other night, I saw Monet, heading out of the street (from Martha's field) with Martha. I presumed they were going out for a little date. On my way back in, I saw Monet leaving Martha's home, hopping his way, with his little white tail bopping along behind him, back down to our house.

I know I probably sound like a child, making the rabbits into real characters, but if you studied these two little adorable fluffy creatures with cotton-like tails, you too may think these very same thoughts. It's kind of like my own little story in my mind. :)

Good night Monet and Martha.

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