Sunday, February 13, 2011

Valentine Sweetness: Part One (43)

I spent nearly my entire day, enjoying the fresh, sunny air swirling through the open windows, while breathing in the delicious aroma from the oven. Tomorrow is Valentine's Day and I wanted to have some yummy goodies for some people I love. I wish I was able to mail out some of this deliciousness, but this year, it's limited to locals. I have boxes ready to go to work with Mono tomorrow for his co-workers friends in the office and then I have some little baskets ready for other people. I don't have pictures of everything yet, and I have one thing left to bake tomorrow, plus I have to wrap some more things up this evening or in the morning. I had a lot of fun and enjoyed every minute of what I did!
 heart ~ polka dots ~ heart
 adorable little red and white polka dot cupcake liners
 red velvet... a staple in the south!

  My guys...I love, love, love these two.
 Chocolate Mousse, here we go!
 lots of steps to the egg part of the mousse
 separate the eggs - yolks and whites
 beat and beat and beat and beat, repeat x1243723 (that's how long it feels by the time you beat both the whites and yolks separately)
 mixing all the yumminess together

 chocolate cups for the mousse
 tomorrow morning fresh cut strawberries will find themselves meeting their new friend, chocolate mousse
 oh cupcakes, how I love thee
 red velvet cupcakes, cuddled in cute Valentine's Day liners, with a swirl of tasty pink cream cheese frosting
 she cries, eat me, please!

 boxed and ready to go!

 who would like one?
 me please!

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