Friday, October 12, 2012

My Days Lately

Ahhh, what is that sound I hear? Silence? Could it really be?
It is very rare now that I am a momma of twin babies that I have quiet moments. Before they arrived, most all of my time was silent. The only noise I would hear is the dishwasher or washing machine, the television or radio, the phone ringing or a text message alert. The only other person around was Jimmy... and the only noises you normally hear from him are little snoring sounds when he is napping or the jingling of his tags on his collar.
My days have greatly changed. Quiet moments for blogging, going through pictures, reading, etc are long gone. 

Now my days are filled with this:

endless cleaning and washing of cloth diapers for two baby boys with sore bottoms
 it truly feels like this is all i do all day long... change diaper after diaper, clean, wash, and fold diaper after diaper.
laundry, feeding babies, cleaning and sterilizing bottles, filling dozens of bottles with formula each day
late night and early morning wake up calls for dirty diapers and hungry boys
momma's breakfasts that never get eaten, but stare you in the face on the counter until 10:30 pm
 but it is aaaalllllll worth it for these two precious gifts. i couldn't be any more in love with these two boys!


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