Saturday, October 13, 2012

Window Shopping and a Stroll

This amazing present arrived in the mail on Friday! We all love the boys new stroller! Their great grandparents gave it to them. But really, it's a great gift for Momma! It was such a beautiful day so we decided to take them out for a stroll at our fave shopping area. They loved their walk in the stroller and Momma loved window shopping... well not the window part, but you gotta do that some times... unfortunately.
My Christmas list is getting long... and pricey. I think it is going to end up going from a Christmas list to a when i win the big bucks list...

Mono is going to be so very sorry he introduced me to one of his loves... The North Face.
We now have a wonderful store near us and I am always up to popping in.

The same thing happened with Apple. I started out with the computer, but then he got a Mac laptop and then I got a Mac laptop and then he got an iTouch and I got a little iPod and then he got an iPad, and I got his old iTouch... and now all I want is an iPhone 5... and of course that is not in the foreseeable future. I am not sure what got into me except the fact that I am married to a tech lover, who has taught me a lot to love! And I am addicted to instagram, taking pictures all the time, and that certainly doesn't help my desire to have that phone!

Today my eyes fell in love with these warm and cozy mittens. They are ah-mazing!
 Maybe not as amazing as this jacket though! I have seen it many times and always have to try it on. Once a year try on will have to hold me over for a long time. I think this is on the when i win the big bucks list though.
This whole store is also on that list... I love the little bit fancy, little bit rustic look! 
oh if only...
And we ended the night with one purchase... dinner at one of our favorites... Chipotle. We had to introduce the boys young! The burrito is bigger than Will... almost!
We had such a fun day together! I love having our boys out with us. They do so well in the car, in their stroller and roaming around to all our crazy little spots! Can't wait for another fun weekend outing with them! And before long, we can take them on longer and further ventures!

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