Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Daily Thankfuls Day Thirteen


I am thankful for healing.

Yesterday our friend Austin came over to hang out, have dinner, enjoy some guy time, and Monday Night Football! I have to say, I am always impressed when I see him. He always does something new that amazes me with his progress. The best was watching him rock the boys (who were both sitting on the la-z-boy) with his hand/arm... the one that isn't even as strong! He sat there and chatted with Will and Gus while he rocked them.
This doesn't take away from the sweetness of when Mono, or even other family members rock them, but to know the effort he uses to do it, and the fact that he even can rock them made me smile so big!
His Mom wrote on his Caring Bridge site: "Oh and did you know The ******* twins Will and Gus twisted their Dad's arm to put a ramp on the back patio so that (Uncle)Austin could come over and visit??? :) :) What incredible love..."
It's true. The ramp is built, Gus and Will love their Uncle Austin very much, but no one quite needed a twisted arm. We were all so excited to know we could do something to allow him to visit! He may be Mono's friend, but our whole family truly loves him! He has a wonderful family and such a sweet girlfriend as well!
It's so nice to see him healing. It's through soo much prayer and his incredible determination and strength that he puts into it, that he has recovered this much already!

I am also thankful for some positive news from family about my Popa's health. He was brought to the hospital yesterday with chest pains and many tests were done, but we didn't find out results until later tonight. Thank God it looks like his heart is okay, but wasn't getting enough oxygen and was being tolled a bit from bad kidney functioning. He may be able to be released on medication to help his symptoms subside! Thank you God! Please keep him strong and healthy!

Please keep Popa and Austin in your prayers!

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