Sunday, November 4, 2012

Daily Thankfuls Day Four


I am thankful for the four boys I live with... my four boys.
I'm the only girl in this house!
I'm thankful for my little calm and content one, who will just sit there quietly smiling, talking to himself.
I am thankful for my other little one who makes me constantly laugh with his cute face and who already knows Jesus 
(side note: Every morning, without fail, when he wakes up, he looks up at a crucifix we have hanging in our room, and smiles, laughs and talks.)
I am thankful for the white, fluffy one, who is my little shadow and cuddle buddy.
I am thankful for my biggest boy, who helps me get through the long days, makes me smile, provides lovingly for our family, and gives his best in helping me take care of the three other boys!
And for holding my purse! No, that isn't his lovely bag.
All four of them make me smile and feel so loved.

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