Saturday, November 3, 2012

Daily Thankfuls Day Three

 Well, I'm told slow and steady wins the race... And while I'm certainly not even trying to win this half marathon in March, I'm going very, very slowly in training. I am not sure what made me think I could get the time in to train and become physically ready for Seaside. It's certainly going to be a very long road there. Today I ran 3 miles (with some walking in between) in 45 minutes and I was done. How on earth am I could to reach 13+?! Thankfully I have until March.
momma and will, papi and gus
The boys were fabulous today, especially on our little outing! I wish we had more days like this with Mono home to spend together. Gus's best time of the day is certainly not after dinner and that is when Mono is home. He's the most fussy around that time of day so it makes it hard for us to do things outside of them home (heck, even inside of the home) on weeknights.
the time to run and shower this morning 
a beautiful day to take the boys for an outing

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