Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Daily Thankfuls Day Twenty


Can you believe I am saying this, but today, I am thankful for the dentist!
Yes, I said it. The dentist.
Back in February of this year I needed to have a small cavity worked on, but then the dentist pulled his back out. We had to cancel the appointment due to that and then reschedule it. We rescheduled and then it was my turn to cancel because I had such bad morning sickness. After that cancellation, I had to cancel because I was on bed rest... twice. And then for the fifth cancellation, now in November, he pulled his back out again! I finally was able to get the cavity taken care of today.
My dentist is such a pleasant man, as is his entire staff. The boys were a huge hit! They have been wanting to meet them and today was the day!
To make my dentist even better, he has all of the patients chairs with a cozy vibrating (optional, but I always take it!), tempurpedic pad.... and they put lotion on your hands, covered with hand warmers!
And... to top this visit off, he had Christmas music playing in the background!
I have never minded going to the dentist, as a child or growing up... until a few years ago when we found out my wisdom teeth were in my sinuses and I needed two emergency surgeries right before Thanksgiving. It was a rough surgery and recovery, both times. I do not do well with anesthesia at all. I turn absolutely green. It's not pleasant at all. And ever since then, I tense up at the dentist.
If you have to go to the dentist, I am thankful he's the one I get to go to!

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