Friday, November 16, 2012

Smokin' Hot and Business Trips

My Mon is going on a business trip tomorrow. Thankfully it's just across this country and not to another country. But still. I hate when he travels across time zones. It just makes it feel like he is that much further away. I don't mind him going away because he loves to travel. And I don't get jealous that he is traveling because I would rather be going instead of him, but what I do always wish is that we could travel to these places together. While we were dating, we never traveled alone together to go on little trips and adventures. The only places we ever traveled to together was with each others families. And then the only time we traveled together while married was our honeymoon. So when these trips come up, I wish we could explore and see places together. Though, if it has to be just one of us, I am glad it is him getting to go see new sights! This trip is taking him to the West Coast!! Fun huh?! I've never been further west than Alabama. haha. Yeah, that's not even considered west at all! I am sending my camera with him so I can see what life is like out there!! I am sure he will come back with great stories and photos to go along!

Oh, and smokin' hot... has nothing to do with his business trip. I was painting my nails tonight in a dark shade of gray, called smokin' hot. I love the look on other people, but when I paint it on my nails, I feel wild, rebellious, crazy.... I feel like I can't pull it off like everyone else! It's still on my nails and we will see if it lasts.

My Mom is out of town helping my grandparents. My Popa is in the hospital so she was needed up there. So she's gone and soon Mono will be too, but Mono's mom and dad are coming tomorrow evening to visit!! I am pretty excited to have them here. I've never had them all to myself... well without Mono. I definitely won't have them to myself with our boys around! I can't wait for them to arrive and have them see how much the boys have grown!! This will be fun!

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