Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A Summer Memory

This summer my family went on a wonderful vacation together to the beach… basically my favorite place on earth.  Most people that know me, know it is 110% “My Element!”  Most people also know I LOVE seashells and sand dollars, and pretty much anything else you can find in the sea!  So it was nearing our last day and I wasn’t quite satisfied with my findings, so my sister (on the left) and I went out for a Seashell Extravaganza.  And that it was!!  We came home with TONS of seashells and plenty of laughs.  We were not only wet from it starting to pour rain on us, but we ended up saying, “what the heck!” and we just dove in if we thought we saw a good one further than up to our knees!  We came home sopping wet, but with such a wonderful memory to always remember together.  I will never forget all of our laughs when we were out there on the beach that day.  We were the only two crazy ones who thought we’d make it out there before the storm came through.  Once the first strike of lightening hit, in the distance of course, we ran back home.  What a memory and what a lovely sister to have gone out there with me… in the ocean… dressed in her beautiful outfit!  I love you dearly Irm!

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