Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Summer Lovin'

I had so many adventures this summer!  Of course I was bound to meet some cute guys, right!?  I met one guy in AL (middle), but he was a little old for me.  He was real smart, and cute too, but the white hair and balding kinda threw me off.  Then on one of my trips down to Florida I came across this cutie (bottom).  Boy was he hard to pass up!  I mean, look at that face?  Hard to resist.  He gave me a big smooch right on our first meeting!  Must have really liked me, huh? ;)  haha-  The only bad thing about him, to be with him, I'd have to learn how to hold my breath for a really long time.  I've definitely got the swimming part down, but my  breathing techniques...not so good.  I guess I'll have to pass on him too.  Now, the third guy I found (top) was the captain of my little outing on a boat up Maryland this time. This one I'm REAL sure of! What do you think? I think he's a keeper for sure! Definitely my type and real handsome!  Well he's taken girls!  He's  been taken for a few years now!  He's my Mono!  My real summer love (all year round love that is!)!  He's my best friend and I don't know what I'd do without him.  My summer trips were SO much better because of him!  That was a real fun ride out there.  His family lives on the water and we took their boat out for a while - all of us went out there.  What a blast!!  Can you tell he loves it out on the water? I can't wait for a trip up there this summer.

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