Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The One Shoe Days Of Summer!

This past summer while I was up in New York I had fractured my foot in the middle of the City.  I am not exactly sure how I did it, but all I know is we were too many blocks away from the train station to think of walking.  I was going to push it and thought I could do it slowly, but the more I walked, and the more pressure put on it, the worse the pain got and finally Mono forced me to stop and said we would just find the nearest Subway and take that to the train.  And that is what we did.  I didn’t know it was fractured at that point, I just knew I had done something! This was Sunday and we drove back home late Wednesday night and first thing on Thursday, I was at the doctor’s office.  I was put in an air cast for weeks which meant… wearing only one shoe!!  It was always real funny to see people’s shoes off next to each other in pairs and then mine…one lone shoe!  So there is my black flip flop (yes, I was also walking in the city in them – probably a good part of the reason I hurt my foot to begin with!  But they are my FAVORITE summer shoe.  Those specifically.  My Aunt has given me a white pair and a black pair and I wear them until they fall apart – the white ones are starting to come out.  I should watch for an end of season sale and maybe then they’d be affordable for me.  (They are from Coach).  My one shoe days of summer were fun though!  Never thought such a little thing would bring some of the memories they did!

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