Friday, January 28, 2011

Hunting In The Big City

Today I was in desperate need of high-speed internet, civilization and productivity...Thus, the trip to the "big city." I live in the middle of no-where and I'm lucky if I get dial-up speed on most days. With wedding plans going ahead at full speed, I needed to do a lot of searching on-line and hunting through stores for certain materials, etc, for projects I am working on for our big day.

I met Mono at Church and then headed out for a quick lunch and now I am enjoying this fast internet connection and then going for a look at some things I need. I am really wishing I had one of my bridesmaids to enjoy this with, but I know I will see them all soon enough and maybe then we can go over some fun things.

I have a lot of random projects, both big and small that I am really looking forward to putting together for our wedding. It should be a lot of fun. If I wasn't having a wedding away from home and I had more time, I would certainly be making a lot more than I already am. I love to do this stuff, so it excites me.

Random side note. Why wear short shorts and uggs in this weather? You are obviously wearing shorts for a reason. Your feet are going to sweat! If I had thought of it, I would have put my flip flops on before I left the house! Days like this, I know why I live in the South! :) Sixties in January! Ah, I love it!

Back to my post though. So being that I live out in the middle of no-where, I am in the city (if you can call it that) purchasing supplies and getting ideas. I can't wait for more of the knitty-gritty details of booking people for the wedding is over so I can focus purely on the fun details, like bouquets, embellishments for the dresses, hair, etc... :) Oh what fun!

Well, off I go for my materials and some groceries (hoping to find hazelnuts!!).

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