Saturday, January 22, 2011

A Sip Of Fun (22)

Today Mono and I went out for the day and as our tummy's grew hungry, we hopped on in to Panera Bread for a little something to drink and a light lunch.
 Mono ordered a latte. I took a sip, but was not so fond of it. I don't know how people like to drink things so bitter.
 That looks so good though, doesn't it?!
 French Toast bagel... or something like that. I'll have to ask him exactly what it was. Some cinnamon crunch thing. It looked yummy, but I ordered an everything bagel with cream cheese. Mine was yummy too! :)
 Love his smile... and the latte mustache. ;)
 Good to the last drop!
 I wish I liked this. It looks so tasty.
This is just what we needed to re-energize for the rest of our day!

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