Thursday, January 6, 2011

Breaking News!

Breaking News!

I am soooo excited! I have my very first official blog follower! Oooo ooo oooooooo! It's my dear friend, long-distance sister, amazing go-to wedding planner, running buddy... must I go on!? :)

I have a whole lot of somethings and nothings going on these days. The blog has been rather dull and neglected and terribly naked with no pictures. Sorry about that. I feel the nakedness so it will soon be back to normal, clothes on.... I mean pictures posted.... and all!

Random fact: When I am on Benadryl, I dream. I dream more than normal. Probably because I sleep so soundly. It's become a wonderful friend while I'm sick. It's the one part of being sick that I have just discovered I like! ;) Sorry... to my point. Last night I dreamed about a coat (yes, I unfortunately love coats and if I could I would have an entire closet full of them, along with purses)... A fabulous coat (and warm too!) When I woke up, I had desperately wished it was for real... And then I realized, I knew the coat! It's way out of my budget for now, maybe forever, but it was a wonderful feeling to know it was real... though out of my reach.
Oh to the dreams of if onlys!!

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