Saturday, January 1, 2011

Day One/365 Moments Of My Little Life

I'm not sure how you would describe the first day of this new year, but I certainly know one word that would fit quite well in today's description...


We partied last night and spent today relaxing with family. Some of us in beds, on couches, sleeping, or just resting. Being that I have a cold, my medicine kind of knocks me out, so I was one of the people celebrating Jan. 1st in bed. ;) Cuddling in my comfy clothes and all bundled up under my covers.
Even The J cuddled today. :)

I am working on capturing 365 moments of my life this year; one each day.
With today being a cuddly day, and J doing that the best of us all, I thought I would show you that in Day One's picture.

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