Saturday, April 30, 2011

Popa's Famous Breakfast! 119.365

Ever since I was a little girl, and I am sure it began before that, Popa has made us his famous Polichinkis. Even though it is a lot of work, he loves to make them for us kids.... and Jimmy too. While I was visiting this past month, he was sure to make a nice breakfast! I love my Popa so much and his breakfasts are so special. It's not just about the Polichinkis themselves, but more about how much he cares to make them for us. They are so tasty. I don't hold the record for who can eat the most, and that will remain top secret as to keep the person still liking me. ;) I am known to be able to eat quite a few though! Jimmy loves Popa. He follows him everywhere, especially when food is around. Pops allowed him to have a few bites and boy was The J a happy little dog!