Sunday, April 10, 2011

When a Door Closes, Look for the Window! (98)

Life is always so interesting. At least my life is. It is always keeping me on my toes… or hiding under my covers waiting for the wave to wash over me so I can lift my head back up. I have to learn how to ride high on the wave… I'm no surfer though. I don't even want to learn. Well, maybe it would be cool, but I'd be no good at it… just like riding the waves of trials in life… I'm not always good at that either.

Doors close. 
In your face. 
But, sometimes, on days like today, when you take a new look at things, windows up, with sun shining through! I have to learn to take what comes my way without getting upset, down, frazzled, worried, anxious, etc… When one door closes, I have to look for the window. 
God never lets you down. He never leaves your side or abandons you. Sometimes it may feel that way, but He has a window open… you just have to find it!

Speaking of surfing, the new movie, Soul Surfer came out yesterday. I'd really like to see that. Maybe because Carrie is in it. Maybe. ;)

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