Wednesday, April 13, 2011

I'm In a Blog Fog!

As I sit here tonight to write my blog, I am in such a fog. I want to write, but don't know what direction to take! I just keep yawning, looking up at the tv and looking forward to Benadryl bedtime. My allergies have been pretty bad this year, I haven't been sleeping at all (that's nothing new) and now that I have had to stop taking my medicine for my daily headaches, they have returned. Allergies, headaches and being awake are all un-welcomed friends. They must not realize that I don't have a lot of friends. They seem to think that I just let anyone become a close friend. How do I nicely give them a hint to go away!? 
Tomorrow and Friday are both going to be pretty full days. Both days I have to drive an hour away to get a lot of things done. I have appointments to be at, Mono and I have to register for our wedding, my Mom and I have errands to go on and we have to get started looking for and pricing out wedding invitations. All of this will fill both Thursday and Friday. I really hope we have a quiet Saturday. I have a DIY project for the wedding I am working on so if the weather is nice, I will be outside working on it. It's not going quite as I had planned so I have to re-think the way I am going to work with it. Should be interesting. A little trial and error won't kill ya. :)
If anyone has ideas of things I can write about, I may need them until I swim out of this crazy fog! There are a couple things I'd like to write about, but they will probably come either later this month or early next month when I get closer to finishing things. :)
That's all for tonight!

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  1. All your DIY pictures are awesome. Post them and you're sure to have a hit!