Friday, April 8, 2011

The Tiny Church (96)

There is this insanely tiny church in the town over from us. I have no idea if they ever use it on a regular basis. If they do, there can't be much of a congregation. I bet they can only hold about a dozen people in there. Well, today when we drove by, there was a …. wedding! My Dad and I were wondering what all of the people (well the ten or so that there were) were doing hanging around the Church. You could not make any specific event out from the crowd. Eventually I realized that it was a wedding. 
The groom was in a light blue nice t-shirt/polo maybe and khaki pants. The bride, a cream colored shift dress. My Dad and I were joking (not in a bad way at all) about how easy it must have been to plan compared to our upcoming wedding! 
You know, there are just so many different types of weddings out there. You have some that were as simple as what was planned today to things that can cost tens upon tens upon tens of thousands of dollars. 
For our wedding, I really want it to be classy and traditional, yet not stuffy and still lots of fun. It is hard to balance that sometimes. Most weddings that I have been to have been the same old thing (not all of them). They blair the music SO loud that even when you are in each others faces YELLING, you still don't know what the heck they are trying to say to you. I don't want that. But don't think just because I don't want that, doesn't mean I don't want some fun, upbeat and current music. 
I don't dance. 
Inside of me, I kinda want to, but I don't. 
I am not good at it. 
I don't know how. 
I just don't. 
We will see if my excitement of the day gets me out on the floor on our wedding day! 
But back to my thoughts. All of this got me back to thinking of what your wedding really means. The hoopla and fun of the planning and partying is just so much fun, right up my alley, and I am going to be enjoying each and every minute of it, but there really is more to it than that. A lot of people (including Catholics) don't get married in Church. Sure, it is nice to be on a beach or wherever people may choose, but don't you want God to witness something so special? It's pretty sad, people very close to us, either Catholic or Catholics that don't believe in the Faith anymore, have gotten married elsewhere and due to the rules of the Church, and being as dedicated to our Faith as we are, we can't go. It's one of the hardest things to have to do. You want to be able to go witness a wonderful event, but when it is not in the eyes of God, and it is just on the beach ministered by some random justice of the peace or Uncle Joe who just got his license to be able to marry you that day… there's just something BIG missing. 
What was different with this wedding we saw today was it was in this tiny church (more like a little kids play house of size than a church) and they had no reception. Goodbyes were said and everyone left at different times, going in different ways. They didn't have a priest or minister or anything there though. So that was weird to me. Why choose to marry in a church (whatever size) if it was just a random person. 
This was a very random and scattered post. I'm tired, but my thoughts were on people's choices of their weddings and what it most important was really on my mind. Our wedding is certainly going to be very different. The traditions of our Faith are going to be a huge part of our day. I am looking forward to it and I hope God blesses us tremendously! 
It's not easy to have the certain standards I do for the planning on the religious end of it. It has made it quite a bit harder, but all the more worth it in the end. :) 
I can't wait for our wedding day and to post all about it on the blog… after the honeymoon. :)

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