Thursday, April 28, 2011

It's Her Birthday! 117.365

From that very first moment I met my precious sister, I knew I would always love her. With her sweet little smile and golden red hair, her seven year old self completely won me over… without speaking a single word...since she only new "hello" in English.
Eleven years have passed, packed with wonderful memories, and now at eighteen, that girl with sweet smile and golden red hair, still has me won over. I love her dearly and today, on her eighteenth birthday, I wish her all the love and happiness that could possibly fill her heart.

From that sweet little girl, Irma has taken each and every opportunity, the enjoyable, and the incredibly difficult, to continue to grow in life to be the beautiful person she is today. For such a young girl, she has had many major adjustments to make and hardships to overcome. With each and every one, she has pulled through with grace.
Irm, not only are you a wonderful sister to me, but each and every day you are an example, a wonderful one, to your three younger sisters. Though they may give you a hard time here and there or might not want to admit it, I know they treasure you and look up to you. Always be that bright example to them, showing them the right way in life. As you are blessed to have them in your life, all four of us are blessed to have you as our sister.

I may not always be around there at home, but whether you are away at college and I am married and living down South, or we are there together, I will always be here, just a phone call away. I love our little chats; talking about anything from school or the latest person to be sent off one of your favorite shows, and even getting frazzled when we know there was something we had to say and forget (it always happens to us!) to something bothering you that you need to talk about or a really exciting thing that happened… I love them all. I can hear your voice right now, "Guess what Buddy?" And you go on to tell me what's on your mind. I am always here, and always will be, as your best "buddy" and sister.

Irm, you are gorgeous and smart, funny and kind, have a heart of gold and I know would do anything for anyone, you are diligent, talented, creative, hard-working, a wonderful daughter, sister and friend… (the list could go on, but I would run out of room)... 
 Always be yourself, because Irm, you are wonderful! Sometimes we don't always realize it in ourselves, but you are. You are wonderful!
I wish you the happiest eighteen Birthday today! I hope this new year is filled with wonderful memories, lots of fun times and a great amount of love and joy.
I love you Irm.

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