Monday, April 4, 2011

Waiting for Wednesday

As my best friend would say, only two more sleeps.
Yes, just two more nights and Wednesday will be here.
Mono's family (Mom and grandparents) are coming to visit!
I cannot wait.
It has been a while since they were all here last and every visit is always so nice.
I am not sure what we will do each day they are here, but I want to prepare a nice treat to have ready for them when they arrive.
I have about 47 (yes, a random number) things I have been wanting to make and now I have to figure out which one will win first prize!
Tomorrow I will be out a good part of the day and then I have a good amount to do when I come home. 
I have Wednesday morning to prepare my special treat. 
That way it will be nice and fresh for them.
I'll post the outcome when I decide what I will be making. :)

I am hoping for great weather while they are here. I'd like to be able to get some nice pictures to post here during their time spent with us. Hopefully this means there will be more interesting posts coming up... I said hopefully remember. ;)

I'm fighting something... either a cold or allergies. I am not sure which I would prefer. If it is a cold, I know it will be gone in a short period of time. If it is allergies, well, it's an open-ended amount of time I will feel this way. I haven't been able to sleep but I am quite sleepy right now so I think I am going to head to bed and see what happens.

Good night all!

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