Tuesday, April 12, 2011

My Evening Reading (100)

Today is day 100 of my 365 Moments of my Little Life Project. I really wish I had a more exciting picture for this day. To be honest, taking a picture was the last thing on my mind today. I had a dentist appointment scheduled this morning and that had to be canceled due to an unexpected appointment I had to go to. That took a lot longer than anticipated, plus it was an hour away. So that was 3 hours of my day, but since I was near an area where I could run errands I had to do, I used the day to get more done... not including taking awesome pictures for the 100th day. :( 

I have a little stack to read before bed. I have lots of planning to still do... for lots of projects. Just when you think it's coming along, more gets piled on. In a good way though! 

Heading to read a bit and then get to bed! It's been a long day!


  1. HAPPY 100 DAY!!!! Tomorrow you should wear a hat that says 101 on it just since you missed out on today!!

  2. haha Thanks! I really should have worn a hat! I didn't see this comment until now... maybe I will have to celebrate day 102 tomorrow. ;)