Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Layer Upon Layer (95)

Well, I was attempting a 30 layer crepe (chocolate crepes) cake. This is what I ended up with…
purposefully. It tasted much better than it looks.

I was going to do the 30 layers, ran out of time and just did half or so, maybe a little more - go count the layers if you are curious - and I decided that I would layer thin slices of strawberries in between every other layer. In my mind, that made up for the other layers of the crepes. ;) You are supposed to pour a chocolate ganache over it, but I really felt like we would all be consuming enough calories with this alone. It was delicious! Oh, and there is a layer of Nutella in between each crepe … or creep, if I would have kept my typo. Thankfully no one thought the cake was a creep. ;) They loved it. Mono said it was one of the best I've made. Or, maybe they were just being nice. Making this was time consuming until I got the hang of it. Crepes are so temperamental. I'd make it again…. as long as I had enough prep time.

I also made these funky candied things. They melted kinda weird and then with the humidity they became sticky rather than hard, so I did not put them on top of the cake. They were still really cool though… and yummy!

I loved all the drips and thin swirly piles of hardened sugar! My Mom walked in and was wondering what I was doing with a cookie sheet on the floor! She surely found out!

The final product is the picture on the top left (above).


  1. I'll take 2!! I LOVE the spun sugar!!! You could use THAT to decorate the top of desserts!! It is such a cool effect!!!

  2. I REALLY want to try this again and make some fun effects on top of desserts. I just have to figure it out! I wish I could send you some. You know, the two of us would have LOTS of fun together.