Friday, April 15, 2011

Invitations, Guns and Burgers (103)

Today we went to pick out invitations. I think we've found the ones we'll order. I have to go back early next week. :) One of the shops we were in was really cute! They have really unique little things in there... not just invites! :)

We also started the process of registering! That was fun, yet a little overwhelming all at the same time! My favorite thing on my registry... Mono! I scanned him with the little gun. :) 

There is a local burger joint that Mono has been wanting me to go to and we finally had dinner there after we registered in one place. It was quite tasty, though I didn't experience it at it's best with my plain burger. Mono had a lamb burger with feta cheese and some other special sauces and such, but I just had a plain beef burger with lettuce, tomato and cheese... I need to become a bit more adventurous and exciting! Mine was real good though! We have some great little local places to eat. One day I will have to blog about each place!

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