Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I Love This Place 116.365

I'm up north and I have sooo much to do! This is not really a vacation. At all. Today I got to make a quick stop at a place I love amidst all the craziness! There's always little pick-me-ups... even with my long to do lists!

I am sure most of you have heard about the storms down South. Please keep everyone in your prayers. I spoke with Mono and some other friends and they say it is really bad. We won't even recognize part of our town or even part of our property. Thankfully the only damage we had was trees down (over 100 of them), but our town and the town next to us have severe damage.
 I must admit, I was quite scared knowing all that was going on back home today. I was fearful of what could happen to Mono, our close friends and our home. We are very blessed that everyone we know is okay and no one completely lost their homes that we know of. There is house damage, some more severe than others, but apparently all will be well with some fixing up.

Please keep everyone in your prayers!

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