Sunday, April 17, 2011

What a Sun Shiny Day! (106)

This morning Mono came and picked me up for Sunday Mass and then we went back to his house so he could get some more comfortable clothes on and we headed out to have lunch at a cute little Mexican restaurant in Birmingham. We had never been there before. His co-workers gave him a gift certificate for his birthday and we are just using it now. We had never been to this part of town so we figured we'd do some exploring while we were at it. We ate outside and the ambiance was fabulous! Lunch was amazing and our drive around the town was great! What a fun area!! We will definitely be going back there for some bike rides and runs! I am not sure what Mono had for lunch. It looked good though. I had steak fajitas (one of my favs and it was a great choice!) and loooooved it! Mono ordered a frozen lime margarita and I enjoyed a couple or maybe four or five glasses of sweet tea. I was thirsty and I hadn't had sweet tea in about 3 weeks!!! It was Sunday and a special meal out. 

After lunch and our drive, we headed over to our local Botanical Gardens!

They were having a big plant sale outside of the adorable little gift shop (that I could have spent time... and money... in).

Roses are beautiful. I wish I had those beauties in my garden so I could enjoy some fresh picked bouquets on the table! I have a new found love with the color coral (like some of the roses above). In fact, I saw a lady at lunch (who was wearing an oh so stylish outfit I would have loved to have found in my closet) with a coral skirt. It made me really want to sew myself a nice coral skirt. We will see if I can find some nice fabric! And then, maybe my closet will be perked up with a bright coral skirt! Side note: Do you ever see someone else's outfit that you wish you knew where they got it or how you could copy it!? It happens to me all the time. Like with the lady today, I don't think I would have thought to put her combo together, but it totally worked!

Isn't he cute?! He is a good sport when I make him stop every 2 1/2 seconds to take pictures. And when I take pictures, I always take a bunch at once at different angles. It may just be a sickness. I loved these old tree trunks with the holes in the middle.

The Japanese Gardens were real nice. Even though we've had a lot of rain (especially this past Friday!) the streams and little ponds were bone dry. The gardens were still real nice.

Mono loves the red structures... do they have a specific name?  


He also loves the bamboo so I was sure to snap a few shots of him in what might be his favorite type of forest. :)

I wish I could grow him a little garden of bamboo. Little and bamboo don't really jive well together. When I lived in Maryland, part of our property was over run by bamboo and it took forever to get rid of it. Now I am sure it isn't this same kind, maybe it was, but it was definitely some sort of bamboo. Too bad he didn't know me back then. 



Wouldn't you just love to sit and swing on that swing for a little while? I loved that bird house.  

This was for my Dad. He loves waterfalls. Anywhere, any size, any kind. 

I don't know what type of flower either of these were, but it was love at first sight for us. 

I caught a little bee in the picture!!

Oh how I wish the peonies were in full bloom. I will have to go back to see how my little friends are looking in a couple weeks! Speaking of peonies... I should go take a look at my peonies tomorrow!

I will definitely be back to these gardens soon. More will be in bloom and I will be packing a little bag to stay a while. The lawns are beautiful and I can picture a nice sunny day, with a slight breeze, while I sit out on a nice blanket on the green grass with a good book, or paper to write a letter to someone dear. A little snack and some cold water, a pastime, my camera of course, and a blanket to lay on and I'll be set for a while.


Locally there is someone (or some people) that paints these huge signs all over town that say  

Unfortunately, some people think it's just graffiti and paint over it. I'm certainly not in favor of destroying other peoples property with graffiti, but I did really like to spot the signs throughout town. I passed two of them today... one was still there and one was newly covered over. 

Today was surely a fabulous day! I look forward to my next weekend outing with my Mon! We have lots of fun together! And thank you to Mono's co-workers for treating us to such a tasty lunch! We will have to go there together one afternoon. 

And now, here's to a hopeful good night's sleep and a fresh start to a new week ahead!

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