Friday, April 29, 2011

The Royal Wedding

As I sit here, a little sleepy, but more excited than sleepy, watching the Royal Wedding, a thousand million thoughts are going through my head. There is so much to process when you are so excited! Waking up at an unnatural hour to  watch attend the wedding was a given for me today. As tired as I have been, I did not care. I don't know when I will see something quite like this again, so it could not be missed. Watching Kate and her father drive to the Church, her unending beautiful smile and that regal wave. She was so beautiful, but she was still Kate. Beautiful as ever! Her dress was stunning. She was stunning. Pippa was stunning and those flower girls, absolutely precious. I adored their dresses. All the women and their hats... Some were a bit silly, but some most were beautiful. Someone that I attended the wedding with suggested that it be mandatory to for the guests at our wedding (ladies only of course) wear hats. What do you think? ;) I loved it when Harry turned around, smiled and turned back to Will and said something to him. I wish I knew what he said. His reaction was just wonderful. And how he just looked over at Kate once she arrived and smiled. Oh I just loved it. And then when Will saw his bride and turned to her with a smile and mouthed what looked like "you look beautiful!!!!" Ahhhhhh. 
Awww, they are saying that at one moment, Prince William (excuse how I refer to him as Will), was biting his upper lip... just like Diana did. :) Kate's ring was a little tight. I hope mine goes on a bit smoother. ;) Oh, and the little boys in the choir. How precious! And Kate was soaking it all in. She looked beautiful and calm and like she was just taking in each and every moment in! Oh, all the thoughts going through my head!
And I just cannot help but think of our upcoming wedding in October. Even before I saw this royal wedding, I envisioned something so special, holy and traditional for us as well. Of course it won't be near this extent, but what meaning has gone into it is what I mean. It is not often these days that people make their wedding ceremony such an important part of the day. It is the most important part! 
I have so much to say, but I just don't know how to get my thoughts in order!! 
I enjoyed going to the wedding with two lovely friends. :) I thought I was attending alone, so it was quite the pleasure. 
Do you think they are going to steal away a secret kiss before the big moment on the balcony? ;)
Maybe I will post again later. The ceremony is still going on and I don't want to miss it. Aww, she just curtsied to the Queen. 

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