Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Unmistakable Pink Box (80)

Words may just ruin this post. But I do have to write a few lines. Most importantly, a huge thank you to Megan! She totally blew me away by sending one dozen cupcakes to me from none other than Georgetown Cupcake. When the Fed Ex man delivered the box to the front door, my face was priceless. The very second I saw that pink box sprinkled with black and white circles, I knew. 

At that point, I could not imagine who sent me this glorious gift, but I knew it was for me and the giver not only knew me quite well, but was oh-so-generous! Over the top generous. 

I didn't know where to begin. Each cupcake was it's own unique flavor! I divided them up so all four of us could taste a little bit of each. Oh are they good! 

Megan, I cannot begin to thank you enough for this gift. Not only for just thinking of me or remembering me, but for actually sending me something so wonderful as a gift!

Let me tell you who "Megan" is. You may be thinking she is my bestest friend that I have known for years, but truthfully, we have never "met" in person. She is my photographer for our wedding. I consider her more than just that though, even before the cupcakes arrived. Megan, that sealed the deal though. ;) Just kidding. You knew how serious I was about having you as my photographer from a while ago. For any of you who have never checked her work out, please do. She is a wonderful lady, talented with a great eye and ... well, shares a serious love for cupcakes. :)

To anyone that has not tasted a Georgetown Cupcake, if you are ever in the area, it's a must. You have to go! It's a good thing I don't live there or I'd be 500 pounds. It's tempting for me, someone who loves to bake cupcakes, to have tasty recipes in the house. The only thing that holds me back from baking a new batch each day is I don't have enough mouths to give them to. ;)

Tomorrow morning, along with my healthy (yes, really) breakfast, I will be enjoying another one of my cupcakes. There's only a couple left!!!

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  1. How adorable are you?! You are so very welcome, my dear, and I hope you enjoyed every.last.one! xo