Sunday, March 20, 2011

Introducing Mr. and Mrs. Hunter Wellies (78)

I would like to introduce to you, the newest couple in town...
Mr. and Mrs. Hunter Wellies!!
Mrs. Wellies came into the picture first.
And yesterday, she happily married Mr. Hunter Wellies!
Welcome to the family!

My family had given me the egg blue wellies for my birthday and they had arrived a few days early. Let me just tell you, when any box, envelope, etc comes in the mail with my name on it, it gets opened immediately! 

Yesterday, on my actual birthday, I had a big box wrapped beautifully from Mono. I could not imagine what could be hiding in such a large box.

And that's when I opened the fabulous pair of black rain boots that I was eying since last year.
Mono always spoils me with the best gifts ever. I don't know how he manages to pull it off, but nothing ever disappoints!

I prefer to call these two William and Kate... in honor of the Royal Wedding next month. ;) Yes, I am a bit fond those two, so I found it fitting to name these two wonderful pairs of wellies after them. 

Thank you again to my family for the blue pair, and to Mono for my black pair!

Now only if it would rain or get a little cooler or something. ;)

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